Cuccia’ di Santa Lucia

Cuccia al Cioccolata

Cuccia’ di Santa Lucia is traditionally eaten in St.Lucia’s day, 13th December in the deep south of Italy.   Saint Lucia of Syracuse is the patron saint t eyesight, symobilised in the dessert by the big soft grains of wheat said to represent her eyes.

I made this dessert for my sister when she had accidently scraped both her corneas and couldnt see.Off I went to Soho’s Lina stores for the wheat and candied fruit with this wholesome dessert in mind.  She swears that her sight improved, thanks to Saint Lucy!

Serves 6 – 8

500g Cooked Wheat

500g Ricotta

½ Litre Milk

300g Caster Sugar

120g Cornstarch

200g Chocolate – cut into chunks

Nuts / Candied Fruit for decoration

In a pan, bring the milk to the boil with the sugar and wheat.  Sieve in the cornstarch and continue to simmer until liquid is reduced and mixture thickens.

Take off heat and add ricotta.

If you want a chocolate flavour, add the chocolate chunks while cuccia’ is still hot, the chocolate will melt when stirred in.

The more traditional way is to add the chocolate chunks when the cuccia’ has cooled down, resulting in a ‘chocolate chip’ look.

Serve cooled, decorated with candied fruits and nuts.

*  *  *
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