Ode to My Sister

Well here I am, out there on the World Wide Web.  Its J who suggested this, my sister whose drips of encouragement go a long way.

I’m not too sure what to use this for; whether I upload my photography, or write about food. Perhaps I’ll do both! Travel, Food, Photography – a hub for my favorite subjects smattered with ramblings and photos of interesting things I find along the way living in a multi-cultural and magical London.

The first photo I wanted to share is one I took last year.  It’s a peek into the unknown beauty of Puglia’s wild coastline and a place I would gladly pass those long Mediterranean summers, bathing, eating and breathing the balmy air.  On clear days, you can make out Albania on the horizon.  Greek songs lament nostalgically the radio. But of course, you are on Italy’s heel tip, a no man’s land seemingly far from civilization.

Me and J danced the Pizzica together on our return to London.  In this city, you can be transported to anywhere in the world by the diversity of its diaspora.

La Paranza del Geco, London 2010

I think I lost 6lbs that evening,  dancing saturated in sweat, spurred on by the frenzy of tambourines and memories of the Med (nothing to do with the vodka and redbulls of course!).  Pizzica is a dance where partners are equal,  no one takes the lead.  No two dances can ever be recreated.  There is no set routine, the steps are improvised on the spur of the moment mirroring your dance partner. Good dances are accomplished dependent on how well you know this person. The music may play on, so chose your partner carefully because you may have to dance together for an eternity.

Tarantella Dancers, London 2010

Here goes… A little taste of Puglia for this cold (but sunny!) Wednesday afternoon in London.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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About reikiandrocks

Growing up with Southern Italian roots, Turkish best friends and Arabic and Greek speaking neighbours, life was lived around abundant tables in warm kitchens. A love for food and feeding was inevitable. It showed me how all people are the same regardless of language and borders – Una Faccia Una Razza! When I became engaged to a Saracen from Istanbul, his relatives not only welcomed me into their family but welcomed me into their kitchen. For me, food is love. Food personifies the people who you hold dearest and speaks of origins and affections. To cook is to create edible offerings of love. NazarBlue embraces food, culture & photography. But by no means the regular stuff you'll find littering the Mediterranean tourist trail. No, no! I cook food with stories behind each dish. I photograph simple things, but try to emphasis natural beauty in a moment or in a scene. And when I travel I live with the locals for an authentic experience. I adore the pockets of culture from the Mediterranean and beyond in this great city, London, and write about the authentic eateries and events I stumble upon, often by chance. I have also uploaded some flash fiction, for no particular reason other than I love a good story.

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