Eggs in Purgatory, Nothing to Feel Guilty About!

Before I could really distinguish the difference between chicks and eggs, this dish stirred sentiments of dread in my impressionable 3 year old mind.  Poor chicks! If I was bad I’d end up like them; a lost soul half-cooked in a perpetual state of limbo. I’ve only really started to appreciate Eggs in Purgatory in my adulthood as I learnt to remove the stigma of Catholic guilt and of course wised up to the fact that unfertilized eggs would not become chicks.

In my Nonna’s Neapolitan kitchen this dish was a staple. Cheap and quick to prepare, the dish makes for a nutritious meal in the absence of meat.

Its one of those dishes I adore because it illustrates my favorite saying ‘Una Faccia Una Razza.’  One face, One race.

The dish is found in many forms all over the Mediterranean from North Africa and Israel (Shakshuka) to Turkey (Menemen) and cities or regions in between, such as Napoli.

Recipe here… Buon Appetito!

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About reikiandrocks

Growing up with Southern Italian roots, Turkish best friends and Arabic and Greek speaking neighbours, life was lived around abundant tables in warm kitchens. A love for food and feeding was inevitable. It showed me how all people are the same regardless of language and borders – Una Faccia Una Razza! When I became engaged to a Saracen from Istanbul, his relatives not only welcomed me into their family but welcomed me into their kitchen. For me, food is love. Food personifies the people who you hold dearest and speaks of origins and affections. To cook is to create edible offerings of love. NazarBlue embraces food, culture & photography. But by no means the regular stuff you'll find littering the Mediterranean tourist trail. No, no! I cook food with stories behind each dish. I photograph simple things, but try to emphasis natural beauty in a moment or in a scene. And when I travel I live with the locals for an authentic experience. I adore the pockets of culture from the Mediterranean and beyond in this great city, London, and write about the authentic eateries and events I stumble upon, often by chance. I have also uploaded some flash fiction, for no particular reason other than I love a good story.

One thought on “Eggs in Purgatory, Nothing to Feel Guilty About!

  1. Merhaba 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to post all these. Reading your posts somehow satisfies the motherland yearning in me, it really does!
    By the way, menemen is the best! What is the original name of the dish in Italian?

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