When in Milan.. Eat Panzerotti!


Milan drips in luxury.  The streets smell of Armani Code. You can hear the tick-tack of Laboutins against clean cobbles and see Fat Cats hand over thick wads of Euros to pristine shop assistants.  Well-heeled locals glide past on bicycles and there is no limit ultra trendy hotspots which host star-studded aperitivi.

I go to Milan twice a year for the biggest shoe event in the world; Micam. When I first started going I so desired to soak up the amazing Milanese scene with its Aperol and shine.  After almost 12 years of bi-annual visits the desire for glamour consumption has faded. Now the highlight of my trip is a visit to my favorite backstreet eatery, Luini.

The name Luini might jog the memories of Italians and Italophiles in London. We used to have our very own Luini near Clerkenwell but alas with its disappearance so went the only authentic panzerotti in town.

In Milan however, Luini is very much alive. Just off the hustle & bustle of Corso Duomo lies a small unassuming shop supplying those in the know with delicious freshly baked / fried panzerotti. The golden crescents of dough are stuffed with a variety of fillings including ham, cheese, tomato sauce and even sweet fillings like figs and chocolate. The queues of eager panzerotti fans spill onto the pavement and as with most things Italian, it’s horrendously disorganised but overly enthusiastic.

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About reikiandrocks

Growing up with Southern Italian roots, Turkish best friends and Arabic and Greek speaking neighbours, life was lived around abundant tables in warm kitchens. A love for food and feeding was inevitable. It showed me how all people are the same regardless of language and borders – Una Faccia Una Razza! When I became engaged to a Saracen from Istanbul, his relatives not only welcomed me into their family but welcomed me into their kitchen. For me, food is love. Food personifies the people who you hold dearest and speaks of origins and affections. To cook is to create edible offerings of love. NazarBlue embraces food, culture & photography. But by no means the regular stuff you'll find littering the Mediterranean tourist trail. No, no! I cook food with stories behind each dish. I photograph simple things, but try to emphasis natural beauty in a moment or in a scene. And when I travel I live with the locals for an authentic experience. I adore the pockets of culture from the Mediterranean and beyond in this great city, London, and write about the authentic eateries and events I stumble upon, often by chance. I have also uploaded some flash fiction, for no particular reason other than I love a good story.

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