Here you will find reviews of my favorite London eateries which are guaranteed to give you a taste of the Med and beyond… Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries & Market Stalls. Enjoy!!

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Abu Zaad, Syrian restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush

Behesht, Persian restaurant in Harrow Road

Captain Corelli’s, Italian eatery in Battersea

Green Lanes, Mediterranean Food Heaven, North London (Hala, Gokyuzu, Nawroz, Yasar Halim etc)

Kahve Dunyasi, Turkey’s plush chain of coffee houses lands in Central London

La Rocca, (Winchmore Hill, North London) has some of the most deliciously authentic Italian cakes / ice cream and arancini outside of Italy.

Luini, Milano Puglian panzerotti in the heart of Milano

Maison Sousse, Tunisian/French Bakery in Shepherd’s Bush

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