Fairytales for Adults

There was never the happily ever after we dreamed about. Life doesn’t work that way. We are conditioned to believe our lives should follow a path, but what if that path doesn’t lead to where we’d anticipated or never appears at all? Are we doomed to spend the rest of our days consumed with bitterness about the misfortunes and hardships which littered the way? How about accepting what makes us happy, rather than what we believe should make us happy? Surely then, acceptance is the key to contentment.

I like to be realistic. I like to write stories about experiences, feelings I have been consumed by or about lessons I have learnt, about the human emotions which surpass languages and borders.

Here’s a small selection of short stories I have written, for no particular reason, for no particular purpose.



Salvo & The Greedy Jackdaws

The Golden Egg of Naples Bay

The Kingfisher and the Persimmon Tree

The Seagull and the Sparrow

Watermelon, Roses and Leyla

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