SariBlue – Amazing Evil Eye Jewellery

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Its amazing what or who you stumble across by magic of the world wide web… A product you like, a friend in common or a kindred spirit.

As you may have noticed I have a particular love of the Nazar Boncuk, the evil eye charm, in every shape or form. Whilst browsing the net I stumbled upon a pretty range of charm based jewellery called SariBlue. But it wasn’t your regular mass-manufactured acrylic stuff or the over-priced fashion fad brands;  it seemed as if this product was unique and made with love.

Fascinated by the artisan style jewellery, I clicked on the site’s every photo and practically drooled with longing. The glass beads were in an array of fruitful colours, hand crafted like precious gems. My particular favorite styles are.. well.. all of them. I wanted every single piece and I’m not usually a sucker for jewellery and am most definitely hard to please; It has to be something special, something with meaning made by someone who understands the importance and significance of the materials they use. Something with a story behind it.

Sari of SariBlue and I begin to mail each other from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Like me, she is of Italian descent. And like me, her partner is Turkish! We’ve both grown up in Italian kitchens and left footprints in the dusty streets of Istanbul.                                                                                                                                          Fate? Perhaps. I prefer to call it Kismet.

Sari indeed fashions her jewellery with love and believes in the product.   She not only has a great eye for detail, but also has a story about how she came to do what she loves, a story very much like my own.

There is something we share which has led us to meet  – the Mediterranean ideas of superstition which are deeply rooted in our psyches mixed with the cultures we love and are surrounded by. Our paths have crossed somewhere along our life journeys and despite modern commitments we remain loyal to the ancient idea of the Nazar Boncuk.  Its not just a blue charm – it has history. But Sari knows all about it, she can tell you the meanings of the various colours too. She is well informed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Like sisters separated by an ocean we keep in touch in other not so ancient ways.  I long for her jewellery, she drools over my food 🙂

Check out SariBlue here.

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