Magic, Truth & Ritual

For all those bits you may have missed on the home page, here is where you’ll find interesting (hopefully!) posts about food, culture and life.

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A Breakfast Ritual – The great Turkish / Balkan tradition which unites family & friends.

Coffee Reading – Fortunes and fates in a coffee cup.

Frugal Feeding – Stale bread; Necessity vs Fashion.. And of course superstition. Coming Soon!

Kismet – It makes absolute perfect sense.

Life by Crowfoot – Always perks me up when I’m feeling down.

London Riots – A Londoner’s point of view.

My First Award – Thanks to Acorn in my Kitchen

Ode to my Sister – The one who inspired me to write.

Raki – The ‘Lion’s Milk’ which puts you in the presence of Angels or Demons.

Rumi – A not so modern lesson for today.

Time to Fly – Reading the signs.

Thank You – A heartfelt thank you for all involved in my wedding day.

This Summer We Will Be Mostly Eating Sciurilli and Friarielle – Italian seeds make for tasty meals.

Tunisian Pottery in Stratford Upon Avon

Una Faccia, Una Razza – Unifying Mediterraneans

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