Feryal’s Village Style Chicken and Rice

Here is how Feryal makes use of her left over chicken.  She serves the steaming dish with cool garlic yoghurt to make for the ultimate comfort food.


Chicken – cooked and pulled into chunks

Vermicelli Pasta



Salt & Pepper

In a large pan, melt a big knob of butter.  Break the vermicelli into the pot and stir, when it begins to brown add your rice, stirring until the grains have an even coating for butter.

Add 1 and a half times the amount of liquid, preferably stock, then your meat. Season with salt and pepper.

Now turn heat down and cover pan, leave the rice to soak up all liquid.

Once pot is dry, test a grain of rice to ensure it is cooked through. If the centre remains hard, add a touch more water and leave the rice to finish cooking.

You may add extras such as onions, saffron strands, pine nuts or sultanas to the dish.  However its a cheap and simple dish – its equally as satisfying without embellishment.

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