Fig & Chestnut Chocolate Delights

Fig & Chestnut Delights

Fig & Chestnut Delights

With no added sugar and barely any cooking time, these fig delights are an easy sweet treat.

You will need;

Dried figs – discard tough stalk & chop roughly

1/4 of the amount of cooked, peeled chestnuts

Nuts – hazelnuts or pistachios work best

Orange zest

Plain dark chocolate

Start by blending figs in a food processor. When they become a sticky paste, add to a bowl with crumbled chestnuts, chopped nuts and orange zest.

Mix by hand, ensuring fig paste has been broken up and nuts are mixed through more or less evenly.

Roll into grape sized balls and set aside on a tray or plate. (This is easier done with a small bowl of water to hand; dabbing water onto palms aids rolling process)

Melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water and drizzle onto fig balls. I decorated mine with more chopped nuts, but you could sprinkle with cinnamon or leave plain.

Place into fridge to allow chocolate to set and fig mixture to firm up.

*Why not decorate with white chocolate and pistachio to resemble mini Christmas Puds and give as a unique present!*

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