Cherry Chocolate & Pistachio Zuccotto – Panettone Pudding

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Serves 10 – 12

1 Panettone

500g Ricotta

250g Marscapone

50g Caster Sugar

50g Dark Chocolate – Chopped

50g Pistachio Nuts – Chopped

50g Candied Fruit – Chopped

200g Dark Cherries – Tinned will do! Halve fruits & conserve syrup.

Glugs of Vin Santo / Sherry/Marsala – Any fortified wine basically

Extra Chocolate for drizzling.


Line a bowl with cling film – this is your mould. The idea is to construct the Zuccotto upside down then turn out on a serving dish when set.

Slice the top and bottom from your panettone, about 1.5 cm thick. This will be the top and bottom of your Zuccotto. Take another slice from the top of the cake (to place in middle of filling.) Slice remaining panettone.

Mix ricotta, marscapone, sugar, cherries, pistachios, chocolate chips & candied fruit together – this is your filling. It may be nice to fold in cherries last to attain a marbled effect.

Lay your top slice upside down in the bowl and sprinkle with alcohol.

Arrange slices around side of bowl, over lapping if necessary then sprinkle with more alcohol – the panettone will soak it all up.

Fill with half of ricotta mixture and smooth down into corners using back of spoon. Lay second round of panettone on top and sprinkle with more alcohol. Add remaining mixture until panettone bowl is full, again smoothing down with back of spoon. Finish by drizzling more alcohol and cherry syrup over the top (base!).

Cover with cling film and place weight on top – I used bags of lentils. Place in fridge and allow to set at least over night before serving.

When ready to serve, turn out on serving dish and drizzle with melted chocolate.

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