Healthy Easter Mini Eggs

Happy Easter e Buona Pasqua to everyone! I hope your day is full of family & gorgeous food. I’m looking forward to my mother’s Pastiera, a fragrant Neapolitan Easter pie made with ricotta and wheat which symbolises new life, rebirth and abundance.

On a festive note, I wanted to share my date & walnut mini eggs recipe with you. A healthy alternative to chocolate eggs, these vegan friendly treats are easy to make and contain no refined sugar. This Easter I gave them as presents to my wellness seeking loved ones.

Happy eating to each and every one of you.


Happy Easter e Buona Pasqua!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it!

Easter for me, as for many, has always meant family gatherings and festive foods.  Images of palms twisted into crosses on my parents mantle piece, daffodils and sugary coloured decorations are imprinted deep in my memory. I also recall my mother showing me how to empty an egg for decorating using only a pin and deep breaths.  Then there was the food; platters of salami, mortadella, boiled eggs with various cheeses, pasta with juicy ragu’ and ricotta, roasted lamb with peas and artichokes, colomba cake and Italian style Easter eggs with brightly coloured foil wrapping.  Then there was the Pastiera; a beautiful Neapolitan wheat and ricotta cake delicately perfumed with orange blossom. My father would cut a hole in the centre to ‘make sure’ the year’s offering was up to scratch – it always was 🙂 This is the essence of Easter in our household.

Here are some Easter style recipes I’d like to share with you; Casatiello, a festive flavoursome bread from Naples, Italian style lamb and potato bake and a gorgeously moist Chocolate Caprese cake.

Enjoy the long weekend 🙂