It’s Almost Autumn..

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After surviving the wrath of the 42 degree C Turkish summer, I was instantly refreshed when a modest temperature and muted sun greeted us back in England. Although it’s only the beginning of August, I fear us Brits had our summer way back in May.

I can feel Autumn on the horizon and with a slight chill in the air I’ve been craving something comforting and substantial. So I whipped up a delicious and super healthy Cannellini bean mash. Click here for recipe…

And for those of you still enjoying the Mediterranean sun, send some our way 😉

Merry Christmas To All!


Wishing a very merry Christmas to all  and a great 2012. The above dish is called Struffoli, a Napolitan Christmas dessert and a must in our household. Recipe to follow. BUON NATALE!!!


Raki Spread

In anticipation of visiting Istanbul, my other half laid out a ‘Raki Table’, in essence a party for two.  This kind of spread is best when accompanied by suitable Turkish/Balkan music and good company.  On the table aside from the Raki itself is melon, cheese, dried fruits and nuts and crisps.   After the first two drinks, we could easily have been overlooking the Bosphorus, not in the back streets of London.

Raki is an aniseedy aperitif like Ouzo, Arak and Sambucca. It is drunk in the same way, accompanied by ice and water and often diluted to a dreamy cloud colour.  But beware, especially of the homemade stuff, once you start to feel it you may have perhaps over done it!! It’s a potent drink which can either bring your mind to the presence of angels or demons.