It’s Almost Autumn..

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After surviving the wrath of the 42 degree C Turkish summer, I was instantly refreshed when a modest temperature and muted sun greeted us back in England. Although it’s only the beginning of August, I fear us Brits had our summer way back in May.

I can feel Autumn on the horizon and with a slight chill in the air I’ve been craving something comforting and substantial. So I whipped up a delicious and super healthy Cannellini bean mash. Click here for recipe…

And for those of you still enjoying the Mediterranean sun, send some our way 😉

Eggs in Purgatory, Nothing to Feel Guilty About!

Before I could really distinguish the difference between chicks and eggs, this dish stirred sentiments of dread in my impressionable 3 year old mind.  Poor chicks! If I was bad I’d end up like them; a lost soul half-cooked in a perpetual state of limbo. I’ve only really started to appreciate Eggs in Purgatory in my adulthood as I learnt to remove the stigma of Catholic guilt and of course wised up to the fact that unfertilized eggs would not become chicks.

In my Nonna’s Neapolitan kitchen this dish was a staple. Cheap and quick to prepare, the dish makes for a nutritious meal in the absence of meat.

Its one of those dishes I adore because it illustrates my favorite saying ‘Una Faccia Una Razza.’  One face, One race.

The dish is found in many forms all over the Mediterranean from North Africa and Israel (Shakshuka) to Turkey (Menemen) and cities or regions in between, such as Napoli.

Recipe here… Buon Appetito!

Lentil Kofte & Menemen

This week, stuck in London when most of my friends and family are away in the Med, I thought to bring a little ray of sunshine to my kitchen. I am off to Istanbul in October, and in anticipation and longing I cooked two of my favorite Turkish recipes; Menemen and Lentil Kofte.

Afiyet Olsun.